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Case Study Writing


What’s better than telling the world how great you are? Letting your customers do it for you.


Case studies, or customer success stories, are one of the most powerful tools in your marketing box. But a common trap is writing your case studies from your point of view, not your customers.


When I write case studies, I start by making your customer the hero. It’s their story, their wins – you’re just the helpful guide that got them up the mountain. Your customer is the hiker, you’re the hiking poles, boots and tent that kept them safe and supported throughout the trek.


(PS – The same approach for case studies works fantastically for stories about your people. Great for recruitment and employee branding.)

Why use me?


I’m an experienced communications professional who’s spent almost two decades working with big multinationals, local small businesses and iconic Australian not-for-profits. I take my knowledge combined with my desire to learn more and use it to interview your customer to get all the facts and then find a way to bring it all together into a compelling story that shows just how awesome your products or services are.


Here’s how the case study process usually works:


  • I’ll chat with your internal team to get the background, any key messages you need to get across and make sure there’s no issues I need to be aware of
  • I’ll then interview your customer to find out about their problem, the journey they went on, and how you played a part to help them get banging results
  • I write it all up into an interesting and engaging story – we can also discuss a mix of shorter and longer formats to suit formats like social media posts and presentation decks
  • You and the client both review it and we can make revisions if needed
  • You take the final draft and give it to your graphic design whizz to turn it into schmick document that you can use as a brochure as well as sales pitches and more._

What does case study writing cost



Case Study Rates

An interview with your internal contact
Customer interview via phone or video conference
An 800 word case study, with alternative formats available
Bundled pricing for multiple case studies available on application

Ready to get started? 

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