Technology copywriting
Breaking down the geek speak

Technology copywriting


Technology copywriting is all about the power of possibilities – and I am here for it! 

I never expected to end up in the tech sector, but out of uni, I found myself getting my professional training wheels in the world of technology public relations, working at a specialist PR agency with clients including some of the most recognisable brands in the world like IBM and Microsoft, as well as a host of less well-known technology businesses. And I kind of loved it. So now I offer technology copywriting services to businesses both big and small.

My secret weapon is an innate ability to break down the geek speak, the nerd talk, and all the data about bits and bytes. I then turn it into messaging that really, truly communicate what you do and how your clients and customers will benefit.

Because when you get right down to it, tech copywriting isn’t really about the technology. It’s about how technology has the power to change our world, solve problems and improve quality of life. I have a particular interest in the smart and creative applications of technology in the areas of environment, accessibility and education.

My technology copywriting services

No matter what channel you need words for, I can help. My services include:

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