Big brand background, small business friendly
Fuss-free small business copywriting

Fuss-free small business copywriting 


You know your product is 5-star worthy. But you’re struggling to stand out against the big guys.


That’s where I come in. I’ll help you to find the hidden ingredients in your story, the secret sauce, the mystery herbs and spices, and use that to get you shining like the 5-star business you know you are.


I’ll take my big brand experience from working with some of the biggest names in technology and financial services in public relations agencies and mix it together with my practical knowledge of working with small businesses ranging from accountants, real estate agents, florists, commercial cleaners, home ventilation and more. Then we’ll work together to create copy that makes your small business stand out from the crowd!

Small business copy that shines


Running a small business is H.A.R.D. And there’s been nothing like growing my own business to realise just how really, really hard it can be!

I want to help make running a business just that little bit easier for small business owners. And smart copywriting can do just that. Great copy can help your business be found through Google searches and social media marketing. It can nurture browsers into buyers. And with strong branding and clear messaging, it will make you stand apart from your competitors so that you move from being just another choice and instead become the only choice.


I’ll be the sous-chef to your executive chef


You’ve got the vision of where you want your business to go. You know who your customers are and why your products and services are awesome.


You just need someone to help bring that vision to life and communicate it clearly. That’s where I come in.


Do I know your industry?


Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. But YOU DO. And with a comprehensive briefing process, combined with thorough research skills, I’ll get into the heart and soul of your business and what your customers need. Plus, by taking a fresh look, I can ask both those obvious and not-so-obvious questions to shake you out of your “that’s just how we do it” thinking. Because what might be obvious to you might be as clear as a menu all in French to your strictly-English-speaking customers, y’know?


I love the diversity that comes from learning about new areas and different types of businesses. But I do have a few favourites. I have a strong background in technology from working in PR agencies. I also love creating clever copy for not-for-profits and purpose-driven businesses. Writing about food is one of my most favourite things. And finally, I love working with B2B businesses, especially in professional services.


But if your industry isn’t listed above, get in touch anyway. As you’ll see from my testimonials, I’ve also written for travel and tourism businesses, florists, real estate agents and more.