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Food copywriting to get your mouth watering

Food copywriting to get your mouth watering



Food is a part of life that ensnares all of our senses. Great food copywriting should do that too. As an enthusiastic home cook and dedicated food fanatic, I can bring your food product to life with copy that bursts with energy and has your customers begging for second helpings.



How can I help your food business?

  • Packaging copywriting: On a crowded shelf, great label copy can make or break whether an item makes its way into a shopper’s basket. Creative food copywriting helps your customer to imagine what the sensation of eating or drinking your product will be like.
  • Menu copywriting: Beyond a list of ingredients, your menu is an opportunity to stimulate appetite and build anticipation when ordering.
  • Website copywriting: I’ll help you seek out the right keywords so that your online food business can be found, and then craft tasty content that gets customers clicking to buy faster than Dominos can deliver.
  • Marketing copywriting: Whether you need brochures for your market stall or a proposal for wholesalers and retailers, I’ll write materials that get customers hungry for your goods.

My food experience


Like many young people, when I moved out of home I was useless in the kitchen. I could cook a mean spag bol and knock up a curry (from a jar, let’s not get carried away), but that was it. Let me tell you, it gets pretty boring eating the same stuff all the time. So, I ventured into the world of cookbooks with Jamie Oliver and so began my love affair – with food (and with Jamie!).


Today, my cookbook collection stands at 120+ books, spanning many cuisines and styles of eating. I no longer use a jar of Patak’s for my curries and I have a pretty extensive spice collection going on. I drop Nigel (Slater) and Nigella (Lawson) into conversations like they’re my best mates (close enough, I stalk follow them both on social media, so I feel like we’re pretty tight). And I’m even brave enough to get my kids in the kitchen with real knives.


As for food copywriting – well, that’s about the most fun I can have that doesn’t involve actually eating. Recent foodie projects include a juicy mix of email marketing campaigns, SEO strategy and website copywriting. I’ve also completed a food writing course with the Australian Writers Centre and written articles for publications including Sprout magazine.

What my food copywriting clients say

Here are some of the comments from my happy clients in the food industry:

Brown box of veggies and crisp gin & tonic, these are a few of my favourite things


OK, so bad Sound of Music rip-off aside, I love working with small producers, boutique beverage businesses, farmers markets, and people who are championing healthy home cooking. If your watchwords are real food, quality produce, and great customer service, I reckon we’d go as well together as sausages and mashed potato.


Ready to order?


I’d love to find out more about your business and your food copywriting needs. Use my contact form to get in touch and I’ll get a menu of options to you lickety-spit.