Editing and proofreading
Your words, just better

Editing and proofreading

You’ve got your copy written already, but it just needs a bit of polishing or massaging into the right shape. Editing and proofreading services are just what you need. Editing and proofreading can help you to:


  • Cut copy down to the right length
  • Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar is up to scratch
  • Get your copy structured in the best possible way
  • Improve readability and flow
  • Ensure consistency


Editing and proofreading: what’s the difference?

Editing takes a look at a document and seeks to clarify its essence, concepts and themes. This can involve restructuring and reordering the document, changing the words and language, reducing length and so forth. Substantive, or structural, editing may be required – this can involve altering large parts of the text, reordering it and cutting large amounts of copy, and rewriting substantial amounts of the copy. In other instances, lighter copyediting – just tweaking words, sentences and paragraphs to clarify meaning and correct grammar – may be all that is needed.


Proofreading is the final step before a document is published. This involves checking for typos, spelling errors and punctuation. It can also involve checking a document for the consistent application of formatting, such as heading styles.


Why use an editor or proofreader?

Put simply, it’s really, really hard to correct your own work. You read what you *think* is there or what you expect to see, rather than what’s really there. You understand what you’re trying to say, so you don’t always notice if the message is a bit disjointed or confusing.


A different set of eyes, without the same biases as you, can make a massive difference to the readability and clarity of your document. A great editor will make you sound like yourself, only better. I can keep your message and your voice shining through, but remove any distractions and errors. Sounds pretty good, right?

What's the process for editing and proofreading?

Here’s a typical overview of the editing and proofreading process:

If your documents require both structural editing and proofreading, I recommend using two different service providers for these two elements.

What does it cost?


Editing and proofreading are provided on a sliding scale based on your requirements. To give you a project quote, I’ll ask you some questions about the length of the document, the current state it is in, and how much you want me to alter or not alter the copy. When possible, a sample of copy will allow me to determine the level of editing and/or proofreading required.


What kind of documents do I proofread and edit?


My expertise is in business writing. This means I can edit and proofread website copy, brochures, marketing collateral, product descriptions, packaging copy, award entries, reports and more. I do occasionally do proofreading and editing for book manuscripts, but generally, assess these projects on a case by case basis.

If you are looking for academic proofreading (for example, essays and theses) this is outside of my realm. However, I am happy to help you find someone to help when possible.

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