Reports and business writing
Business writing doesn’t need to be bland

Reports and business writing 

For many organisations, there’s a raft of documents that need to be written on a regular basis. Things like:

  • Annual reports
  • Government reports
  • Grant submissions
  • Award entries
  • Sponsorship proposals and reports
  • Research reports

Writing these documents can be time-consuming for your team – especially for smaller organisations. And that’s time that can be better put to use meeting the needs of your customers.


And let’s not forget all those everyday communications that you might be taking for granted, like emails and responses to customer complaints. Maintaining a consistent tone of voice across all your client communications can consolidate your brand and enhance the customer experience. This is especially true as your business grows. I can help with standardised templates for things like:

  • Client welcome emails
  • Service descriptions
  • Failure messages
  • Instructional copy on forms
  • Standard responses to client feedback, including complaints and negative reviews
  • And more

Why use me for reports and business writing?


I’m a professional writer with years of experience in writing and editing a range of reports, proposals and entries. I know how to collect the information from your team, determine what is truly important, structure it logically, and write it up in readable and appropriate language for the audience.


What’s the process for reports, business writing and other submissions?


Here’s a typical overview of the process for reports, proposals and submissions:

  • You provide me with any relevant information and requirements.
  • We’ll discuss what source information is available, any research requirements, and which team members I will be required to liaise with for information gathering.
  • I’ll provide you with a proposal outlining the scope of work, timelines and project fee.
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal, I’ll commence research and information gathering.
  • A skeleton draft with a proposed structure (if not already defined based on fixed requirements) will be prepared for your approval.
  • A first draft will be written.
  • An agreed number of revisions and edits will be included (typically at least two, possibly more for complex projects).

What does reports and business writing cost?


Writing services for reports and business writing are individually quoted to your requirements.

Ready to get started? 

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