Copy with sizzle and spice
Copywriting for food and beverage + small businesses

Copywriting for food and beverage + small businesses


Once upon a time there was a girl working at a PR agency, doing work for big brands like IBM. But the clients that she loved the most were the smaller brands, the ones without the big teams, who had great stories to tell but without the budget to stand out from the crowd.


Fast forward a few years, and the internet had well and truly exploded. And that girl (spoiler alert – it’s me) had had a couple of kids and was looking for work that was challenging and fulfilling, but that fit around family life. Bonus points if I didn’t have to commute from my Northern Beaches home!


And so was born Angela Denly Writing and Communications Services

What do you get when you work with me?

Deciding to spend money on a copywriter can be a big deal, I get it. And I don’t take that trust lightly. When you work with me, you get direct access to an experienced, reliable copywriter, who cares about your business and will take the time to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.


I offer a free initial consultation by phone or video conferencing (or over coffee if you’re nearby!) to understand your business challenges and provide you with various options that can help your business stand out. After our chat, I’ll put together a customised fixed price proposal for your copywriting needs.


I’ll push you to dig deep into your business. I’ll ask the hard questions. But I promise, I’ll make it fun, and the results will be worth it!

Who I am

Hi, I’m Ange, it’s great to meet you.


So as you’ve no doubt figured out by now, I’m Angela. Once we get to know each other, you’ll probably be calling me Ange. It’s great to meet you. Let’s get into the details about me and why I’m the right copywriter for your precious business.


I was one of those kids that didn’t really know what they wanted to do in life, but I knew that I wanted to do something to do with the written word. That desire took me on a bit of a roundabout journey to where I am today – copywriting for food and beverage companies and small businesses, with a special sweet spot for local Northern Beaches businesses!

I’ve worked in public relations agencies, managing accounts for tech brands both big and small, plus a range of other industries including credit unions, fintech, industry associations and more. I spent several happy years working for Surf Life Saving NSW, getting a first-hand insight into many aspects of running an organisation that spans both sports and volunteer management, including large-scale events like state and world championships. And now running my own show writing copy for businesses across different industries. I love the diversity and the satisfaction of helping businesses to create distinctive copy that makes your business shine.

A bit more about me

Of course, all work and no play makes Ange a dull girl! So here’s some fun facts to help you get a better feel for who I am and if we’d work well together!


  • I’m a mum to two feisty and hilarious girls and living the #mumstaxi life
  • My husband is from the UK and wasn’t scared off by me telling him off for not using an indicator within 5 minutes of picking me up for our first date. He does still complain about being told what to do though #whinger
  • I love a good cup of tea (and for later in the day, a cheeky vino or G&T)
  • I love to cook (and eat!) but I’m a terrible housekeeper
  • I love lifting weights (ask me about my deadlifts!), but hate running
  • There is no greater joy in life than a good book
  • I’m not sure if I could live away from the ocean – even if I don’t go every day, I like to know that the option is there

So, that’s me in a nutshell. If you think I might be the kind of copywriter you could connect with, get in touch. I’d love to hear more about your project.

Want to know more about how I work?

Here is a run down of the copywriting process:

Get in touch to discuss your project – we’ll tee up a time for an initial free no-obligation chat

I’ll put together a customised proposal outlining the scope of work and costs

I’ll send you a briefing form to gather some details about you, your business and what you are trying to achieve (don’t worry if you can’t complete everything!)

We’ll organise a time to speak by phone or video conferencing (I like Zoom, but Skype is cool too) to fill in the gaps and allow me to get a feel for your business and what tone of voice will be appropriate

I’ll do any further research as required

I’ll do a first draft of the copy – you can expect this within two weeks, often sooner

But if you don’t love it, or if there’s just little tweaks, don’t worry – copywriting is often a collaborative process and two rounds of reviews and edits are standard inclusions in my pricing structure

The bits of paper and other credentials!

Great copywriting doesn’t come from having the right bits of paper – it comes from putting what you learn into practice and digging deep into your business. But getting the bits of paper has helped me to reach this point, so here’s a rundown of all my qualifications!

I’m also a member of The Clever Copywriting School community, so I’m constantly learning about new tips and tricks that I can apply to my client work.